When it’s your time, you get your rhyme.

16 February 2024
(47 years)
Alexei Navalny
Russian opposition leader

Alexei Navalny  

Was murdered by Putin  

Whose intolerance  

Is worse than gluten. 


13 February 2024
(69 years)
Steve Wright

Why did Steve  

Have to leave  

So soon  

In The Afternoon? 


02 February 2024
(77 years)
Ian Lavender

Farewell Ian Lavender  

Who in Dad’s Army we did like.  

But what was his character’s name?  

Don’t tell him, Pike! 


11 January 2024
(83 years)
Annie Nightingale
DJ and television broadcaster

I’ve just heard a frightening tale  

About Annie Nightingale.  

It’s the final disaster  

For this music broadcaster. 


05 January 2024
(80 years)
David Soul
Actor, Singer

It’s time to give up on him  

Though we liked him very much.  

Farewell David Soul  

Of Starsky and Hutch. 


“I love finding out about celebrity deaths through the medium of sub-standard verse.”
“It’s a shame they never get to read them themselves.”
“When’s Piers Morgan going to die?”

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